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40 Days Of The Insanity Workout Program

Team Beachbody Supergym

It’s funny that while I am now officially 40 days into the Insanity workout program I’m still barely half way through my 90-day plan! But hey, it’s been a fun ride so far and I look forward to getting results like I’ve never had before!

Insanity Workout motivation level = 7

I rate my motivation level a 7 today because honestly these MAX workouts are down right crazy. I am sore in muscles I didn’t know existed.

I was a little sluggish today after taking a 2 hour nap so it was a little harder to motivate for today’s scheduled death dealing with MAX Insanity Interval Circuit.

Long story short I pushed play, pushed through, gave it all I had, and completed another day! I feel absolutely unstoppable at this point.

A few observations about phase 2 of Insanity

Literally the first month is a warm up. I’m not shitting you. It’s tough for sure and you will probably curse my name for calling it a “warm up” but that’s cool. Once you get to the second half you will know exactly what I mean!

Not only do the MAX DVDs consist of 55-60 minute workouts but the actual moves are more complicated and advanced. So not only will your endurance and tenacity be tested but also your skill and form.

A second observation is that the second month is without a doubt designed to capitalize on your month 1 conditioning. What I mean is month 2 is most likely where the explosive visual results will come from.

At this point I feel like a machine which is fine. But I know if I stay dedicated and disciplined I will also look like a machine!

40 days uninterrupted of Insanity. Part of me wants to say, “Wow, I cannot believe I am here and haven’t skipped a single workout!”

But then that would be a lie. It is no surprise.

When I committed to my accountability group on Facebook of fellow Team Allegiance Coaches going to Summit in June I meant it. When I said I was finally going to take my body to the next level I meant it! When I said I would do what it takes I wasn’t lying.

I am not reporting 40 days of perfection by chance or luck. I already saw this day on day 1! I didn’t just say what I was going to do, I felt a deep burning desire and intent to see it through!

On a final note

I shared a snapshot from my Team Beachbody Supergym account. In that image you can see that in April I logged EVERY workout. In May I am already underway with perfection.(Green is a live logged workout, blue is a pre scheduled day that has not been completed yet)

It’s this very reason I am staying accountable.

Don’t just rely on yourself. Set yourself up for success using accountability tools. Otherwise you are only kidding yourself. Don’t self sabotage on day 1! That’s just plain stupid and will only leave you sad and depressed.

Throw your ego out, keep it simple as hell, and just keep showing up every single damn day! “O I have to workout 6 days a week?” What kind of question is that? Sadly I’ve heard it to many times.

Do you expect your heart to only beat 2-3 times a week? Would you be OK if you only breathed on Tue and Friday (but then on Friday you decided to skip breathing because you didn’t feel like it”.

Use your body 6 days a week, rest on the 7th. Fuel your body with powerfully nutritious calories 7 days a week, treat yourself 2-3 times a week.

Make fitness and health part of your life style and you will spend a life time in the best health possible. Not to mention the confidence, skill, and knowledge that comes with it. Finally, remember that you don’t get out of shape over night and so don’t expect to have a 6 pack over night. Don’t worry about the end result all the time, enjoy the journey of health!

Do what it takes!

Jason Croxford
4 Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach

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